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Top Energy Saving Products Under $10

September 26, 2018 Comments Off on Top Energy Saving Products Under $10

These Top Energy Saving Products Save Money and Energy

Everyone is becoming more aware of energy saving products and we are becoming more energy conscious. Top energy saving products save money and energy while helping the environment. The current economic climate has brought even more awareness to saving money by reducing energy use. The top energy saving products listed here are the easiest and least expensive options for being more energy efficient and will help reduce energy bills immediately.

1: Energy Star qualified CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), these energy saving bulbs can be found in bulk packages that usually cost less than $10 and will save thousands over their life. CFL’s or compact fluorescent lights use 75% less electricity than incandescent light bulbs and will cost 75% less to operate. You can buy CFL bulbs from local stores or on line and will see an immediate benefit in reduced utility bills.

2: Caulking or weather stripping is another great energy saving product. Using these air sealing products which only cost a few dollars will take a few minutes to apply can help save on heating and cooling bills and reduce heating and cooling bills by as much as 30%. These items help seal your home and keep the conditioned air inside rather than letting it escape through small gaps in windows,doors, and outlet locations. This will also reduce the load on your HVAC equipment. These energy saving products will help save energy and may also result in HVAC equipment lasting longer.

3: Power strips that reduce phantom loads from devices that use standby power allow you to plug in multiple electronic items and protect them from power surges. These electricity saving products are also shown to reduce the energy consumption of the electronics or appliances that are plugged into them. You also have the ability to switch off most power strips to completely cut the power to appliances or electronics that are using standby power.

4: Low flow plumbing fixtures like shower heads and faucets are all available in models that use lower water flow rates. These water saving products have features that increase water pressure while reducing water consumption. This will save money by reducing water bills and also reduce energy use for heating your water.

5: Water heater insulation jackets are products that reduce the demand put on your water heater. Water heater jackets can substantially reduce energy use of your water heater. If you also reduce the temperature by 10 degrees you can achieve additional energy savings and save money. By insulating the water heater the water will stay hot longer and the water heater does not have to operate as frequently, this will reduce energy bills and save money. These methods can cut water heater energy consumption by 15% or more.

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